The NSA has tasked the Cypher Group with decoding a verified alien message that has plagued codebreakers for decades. Read more

Released 10/4/15

New details about The Message are revealed as the group embarks on their journey to decode it. How will they do it? What does it take? Read more

Released 10/11/15

After hearing The Message, the group dives deeper into the case. Something unexpected happens to Tamara. CAUTION: LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK Read more

Released 10/18/15

With Tamara gone, the group reevaluates their strategy and tries to cope with the recent turn of events. Read more

Released 10/25/15

New findings about Nicky’s past surface and leave the group, especially Robin, further questioning her character. Read more

Released 10/31/15

The group’s relationship with Nicky continues to be tested. CAUTION: LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK Read more

Released 11/7/15

The group must use the remainder of their manpower to find an answer. Read more

Released 11/15/15

The group creates a plan that will help them find an answer, but puts a team member's life in greater danger. Read more

Released 11/21/15